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Spring Clean Up Time Is Here
Spring Clean Up Time

The winter takes a toll on your lawn and landscaping. The weight of snow and ice on trees and shrubs can cause broken or cracked limbs. Leaf piles left on lawns in the fall can leave dead spots of grass.

What can you do now to improve the look and health of your

lawn and landscaping?

Let Wayne County Lawn Care by Apple Creek
do your spring clean up chores for you.

We can have your yard looking its best in no time!



Wayne and Pike County Veterans' Discount Card holders receive 10% off all Lawn and Landscape Care Services. 

Residents of the Sandy Shore community in Lakeville, on the western side of Lake Wallenpaupack, also receive a 10% discount on selected services.

What exactly is eligible for discount? See the complete list of discounted services.


Tree Service: Pruning limbs hanging over a house
Tree Service: Pruning limbs hanging over a house

Spring is a great time to...

  • Clean out drainage swales & ditches
  • Inspect & repair winter damaged retaining walls
  • Prune or remove damaged trees
  • Regrade your driveway
  • Aerate and overseed your lawn for to fill in thin areas
  • Apply a natural liquid fertilizer, like compost tea, for lush lawn growth
  • Divide summer flowering perennials like Iris, Daisy and ornamental grass plants
  • Request a quote for your summer or fall projects

Did you know we also provide

tree services?

Tree limbs hanging over your house or garage can break and fall during storms, high winds or after a heavy snowfall.

These limbs can damage your roof, break skylights or tear gutters from their mounts.

Our crew can safely prune hanging or damaged branches at any time of year.

Tree Services:

  • Tree planting
  • Stump grinding or pulling
  • Tree removal
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs

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